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What does the method that prevents orchitis have – flying Hua Jiankang net

Orchitis disease is the male clinical the commonnest disease. This disease makes not only local occurrence ache of the male, still can lower seminal quality and survival rate, cause the male to appear thereby not Yo phenomenon. So, male friend should prevent orchitis disease in daily life. But, what does the method that prevents orchitis have, male division expert is asked to provide body description below.

What does the method that prevents orchitis have, male division expert expresses: Male friend is in daily life, should reduce attrition spermary as far as possible, but, can insist for a long time to massage spermary, in the meantime, the man should eat a few fresh fruits more in daily life, vegetable, eat less in dietary respect a few contain acrimony excitant food, prohibit drinking, smoke, avoid sedentary, the habit such as frequent sexual life.

But this is auxiliary to arriving since precautionary orchitis disease action, and cannot treat orchitis quite, so, expert proposal: When the male contracts orchitis disease, should seasonable cure, lest delay optimal cure time.

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