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Chromosome is unusual barren a few kinds of disease – flying Hua Jiankang net

Because acquired undesirable element place is caused,of male sterility majority is, but because congenital hereditary disease place is caused,the patient that has a share is. What does so common sterility type have? Everybody introduction chromosome gives unusual barren below a few kinds of disease, consult for everybody.

Brittleness X chromosome is asked for integratedly

Brittleness X chromosome asks for patient X integratedly place of “ flimsy ” is had on chromosome, this potential energy produces nonrandom chromosome to rupture below some kind of special condition or cranny, patient expression is intelligence low, special facial features, spermary is big but without fecundity.

Gram family name is asked for integratedly (Klinerfelter is asked for integratedly)

Should ask for integratedly also call disease of small spermary of former hair sex, the patient is more than normal man a chromosome, for 47, XXY. Also partial patient mutates for the chromosome of table bodily form. Patient figure is much taller person, bristle andBeard is exiguous, the penis is smallish, spermary slants small, submit bodily form of kind of castrate of spay, partial patient hasMale breast developmentDisease, spermatozoon of the stand upright in seminal fluid exists.

XYY is asked for integratedly

Incidence of a disease makes an appointment with 1:l000, this disease patient is more than normal man chromosome of a Y, this disease patient may have one share fecundity, main show is grown patient the figure is particularly tall, intelligence is poorer, have temper violent, Yi Ji is movedEtc fight sociality case. This disease may have a lot of to change model, if XYYY, XYYYY, X/XYYYY is embedded,combine bodily form.

Euchromosome is unusual be caused by not Yo

Be like double 3 body are asked for integratedly, ford discovered first 1959, patient not only have Down of 21 3 bodily form to ask for a symptom integratedly, andSexual dysfunctionAnd not Yo. Patient nucleus for 48xXY+2l

Nucleus normal transmissibility not Yo

If Kallman is asked for integratedly, say hormone of hurried sexual gland is low again companion has smell to drop to be asked for integratedly; CongenitalWithout spermary; Function of germen of familial sex male drops disease.

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