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Confinement in childbirth of winter new mother takes the world of cate of what good _

It is good that confinement in childbirth of winter new mother eats what

2014-01-16 11:14:49

Guide language: Confinement has commonly usedly in cookbook: Grandma of egg of evaporate of soup of chrysanthemum of chicken of spoon of soup of soup of earthnut pig hand, ear of beneficial Mu Mu, yellow stew, egg, ground meat, egg stews congee of lean lean of egg of flummery, skin, day lily to stew congee of rice of lean lean, earthnut to wait. It is good that confinement in childbirth of winter new mother eats what confinement food?

One, congee of pumpkin the seed of Job’s tears

Nutrient division recommends: Antiphlogistic and acetanilide + reduce blood pressure

Material: Rice 1 bowl, pumpkin 100 grams, egg 1, the seed of Job’s tears 40 grams, medlar 10 grams, green 1

Flavoring: Soup-stock 4 cups, salt half small spoon


1. material is abluent, green cuts end, pumpkin section, scoop after float is very hot. The seed of Job’s tears at rolling the fish out after 30 minutes are being boiled in water. The egg takes egg white.

2. soup-stock enters boiler, put pumpkin piece boil to the fish out after tasty, leave soup juice, add rice and the seed of Job’s tears to boil divide evenly.

3. adds salt to flavor, enter divide evenly of egg white agitate, in filling a bowl, discharge again on pumpkin piece, remove medlar and green finally.

It is good that confinement in childbirth of winter new mother eats what

2, porridge of lotus lotus root

Nutrient division recommends: Eliminate exhaustion + enhance physical power

Material: Rice 90 grams, cornmeal 20 grams, lotus lotus root 100 grams, pig tenderloin flesh 50 grams, carrot 30 grams

Flavoring: Salt 1 small spoon


1. material is abluent. Section of lotus lotus root, carrot cuts into shreds, pig tenderloin flesh cuts into shreds.

2. rice is put into boiler, add water to be boiled, add cornmeal and lotus lotus root again piece, conflagration is boiled small fire turns after boiling, boil to strong stiff record.

3. joins carrot silk and tenderloin shredded meat to thoroughly cook, add salt to flavor again.

3, congee of block eye maw

Nutrient division recommends: Repair cut + able-bodied tooth

Material: Block eye maw 2 () of every about 90 grams, rice 90 grams, ginger 4, celery 1

Flavoring: Rice wine 2 small spoon, salt 1 small spoon, wine crisp green 1 small spoon


1.Material is abluent. Block looks maw half-and-half dissections, jiang Pian cuts into shreds, celery cuts end, rice adds leach bubble half hours.

2.Rice drinks even water congee shape is boiled in boiler, join maw and rice wine, boil become angry to cruelly oppress.

3.Join Jiang Si and salt to flavor, remove celery end and short green again.

4, sweet potato congee

Nutrient division recommends: Delicate tastily + exclude the waste material inside body

Material: Rice 90 grams, sweet potato 100 grams


1.Rice is abluent, join immerse 20 minutes. Sweet potato flay, abluent, stripping and slicing reserves.

2.Rice drinks even water boil in boiler boil, rejoin sweet potato piece, boil to stiff paste can.

5, celery congee

Nutrient division recommends: Qing Dynasty heats up be good at stomach + diuresis is alexipharmic

Material: Rice 90 grams, celery 3

Flavoring: Saline 1/4 small spoon


1. rice immerses 30 minutes with water. Celery goes, cut paragraph.

2. scoops rice to be put into boiler, add water, conflagration is boiled small fire turns to be boiled slow after boiling.

3. rice is ripe and celery is put to boil after becoming paste boil, add salt finally smooth.

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