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Food of 5 kinds of health care caresses pregnant force to spend the world of period _ cate easily

Food of 5 kinds of health care caresses pregnant force to spend period easily

2017-02-23 14:42:00

Of menstruation all sorts of unwell make a few females right ” Mom of mother’s eldest sister ” incoming generation is scared. Menstruation phenomenon of this one physiology we had not hidden, but do not represent can be opposite only its laissez-faire. Pass dietary recuperation, can alleviate unwell, return OK and compensatory nutrition, can caress the pregnant force of good woman more.

One, food of scanty liver of period filling gas

Many females, in menstruation early days can have a few uncomfortable symptoms, if depressed, anxious, sentiment is intense, break eye, irritable, irritating, exhaustion to wait. The scale of the estrogen inside this and body, progestational hormone is maladjusted about.
Right now, should choose filling gas, scanty liver, adjust the food of undesirable mood, like cabbage, grapefruit, thin pork, celery, rice, duck’s egg, fry medicine of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, yam, Yi rice, lily, gold-rimmed melon, wax gourd, kelp, holothurian, carrot, Bai Luobo, Hu Tao.

A thick soup of tremella lily lotus seed

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