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The world of cate of _ of dietotherapy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of nephritis of old people acute

The dietotherapy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of nephritis of old people acute

2012-02-07 13:59:40

The person that acute nephritis has little symptom of bloated, make water, can use the food of diuresis detumescence, cooperate cure.

Dietotherapy square:

1. Water of bare red bean is boiled soft sodden, add brown sugar right amount. Day is taken 2 times, every time 30 grams of 15 ~ , to more till.

2. Carp 250 grams, 30 grams boil bare red bean together. Cent is taken 2 times, can take continuously to more.

3. Red bean of skin of corn beard, wax gourd, bare each are right amount, the Shang Daicha that boil, take continuously.

4. Litchi grass, plantain each 50 grams, add water juice of 500 milliliter decoct. Bai Mi is added when taking 10 milliliter, daily take 3 times.

5. Root of corn beard, bright cogongrass each 50 grams, acting tea of water simmer in water. Daily 3 ~ 5.

6. Wax gourd 500 grams, bare red bean 30 grams, add water right amount the soup that boil, do not add salt or add salt less to flavor. Feed melon to drink boiling water, daily 2.

7. Old calabash pink 15 grams of 10 ~ , rice 50 grams, rock candy is right amount. Enter rice, rock candy arenaceous boiler together first inside, add water 500 milliliter, boil when blossomming to rice, add old calabash pink, boil moment again, congee is stiff to spend. Daily take 2 times 8. Gram 90 grams, ripe add a 6 grams liquor, hollow drink is taken. Daily 2.

Apply to acute nephritis patient.

9. Lotus root of sugar cane, lotus each 500 grams, drink is divided 3 times to take after extort juice, urgent to frequent micturition, make water, hematuria person effective.

10. A variety of Chinese cabbage 500 grams, yi rice 60 grams. Yi rice boils congee, join had cut abluent a variety of Chinese cabbage, boil 23 boil, wait for Chinese cabbage ripe become namely, cannot long boil. Put salt less or do not put saline edible, daily 2. Apply to acute nephritis dropsy make water is little person.

11. The leaf before little car 60 grams of 30 ~ , very light blue 1 bine, rice 100 grams of 50 ~ .

Wash the leaf before the car clean, mincing, broken bits goes after be the same as liquor of very light blue, add rice to boil congee next.

Daily take 2 ~ 3 times, 5 ~ are one period of treatment 7 days. Apply to acute nephritis pee to be illogical, hematuria, oedema person.

12. Pink of lustre have diarrhoea 10 grams, rice 50 grams. Add rice water first 500 milliliter boil congee, after waiting for rice to blossom, transfer into pink of lustre have diarrhoea, convert slow fire boils several boil a bit can. Daily 2, tepid take feed. 3 days are one period of treatment. Should not be long take, but discontinuous take feed.

13. Crucian carp fish 1 ~ 2, polished glutinous rice 45 grams of 30 ~ . Boil polished glutinous rice and crucian carp fish congee together, do not add salt to take feed, apply to bloated, make water little person.

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